Friday, June 5, 2009

For Adam's and Austin's 9th birthday this year we went for a picnic up near Red Fleet Resevior. We had lunch, hiked around a bit and then our friend Erica brought her guns up and let the boys shoot them. It was the best present they could have recieved. After we ate and shot guns, we then went down to Red Fleet and put our feet into the water. It was brisk and refreshing. All in all it was a great day.

Austin shooting a 22
Erica had a small 22 that was perfect size for kids and only holds one bullet at a time. But we thought we would also let them shoot the regular size one as well. It was a little big for them.

Austin shooting the kid size 22

Shaylee, Lily, Annamarie, Bobby, and Blaine watching the shooting and getting a course in gun safety from Erica.

Adam, Austin, their friend Jayden, Shaylee and Lily

Erica getting out the guns. She has quite an arsenal. It was fun.

Blaine and Anna hiking

Blaine and Anna hiking, but now you can see they were quite a ways a way.


Blaine and the kids on top of the rock
The Rock

Blaine and the kids hiked to the top of the rock

Blaine and the boys on top of the rock

Erica and Bobby

Our friend Erica




Erica's daughter Shaylee

Adam eating pudding

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Spring is here!

Spring is quickly passing and time is flying with it. It is almost summer and once again I am faced with the excitement of sleeping in every morning and at the same time the worry of how to occupy my kids during the summer months. Alot has happened, but most note-worthy is the fact that I am expecting our fifth child. I have an ultra sound next Wednesday to give me a more precise due date, which I am very excited for. I am impartial to which sex this baby is, and it will be the tie breaker baby. Of course, the girls want a girl and the boys want a boy. It will be interesting. I am excited but can't wait for this morning/all day sickness to go away... it is getting old being nauseous most of the time. On the upside, I am done doing daycare, which I am thoroughly enjoying. I have lost the patience I had with other people's children and am just getting by. I am also die-ing of heat already, and it is only May. Thank goodness for central air!

This coming weekend we will be going down to my grandma's cabin for the weekend to relax and get away. It will be nice to escape and enjoy some family time. It will be nice and relaxing, with hopefully very few accidents from the kids.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Sherry Brokaw Needs...

So you go to your favorite search engine and type your name followed by needs (for example please see the heading to this post. Then you hit go and list the top ten responses on your blog. It is funny. Try it....

1. former quality control office director Sherri Brokaw nothing more than a scapegoat ... DISD needs some young blood that are not Teachers, Hall Monitors, ...
so I am a scape goat in some sort of district conspiracy... interesting....

2. I represent Sherri Brokaw in this matter, to which you refer. ... Support the bond issue because it does support the needs of our kids
hmmm so I have support in my conspiracy?....

3. Sheri needs more data, or needs to hope for a larger effect size.
What is effect size??? and why do I need more data???

4.Sheri needs to find out why she's being contacted by a collection agency.

5. All four of her children have special needs, which means Sherry needs a lot of time to care for them. Two of her children, as well as Sherry herself...
And I thought they were all normal, just wild andcrazy like their parents....

6. Brokaw needs to leave it to us to decide and ask questions! .... Sherry, October 7th, 2008 9:59 pm ET. Brokaw, this is our island and we VOTE YOU OFF! ...
And I didn't even know I was on an island....

7.If you need data, let me know.

8.Sherri Brokaw @ 11:51 AM Mon, Mar 03, 2008 ... Now we just need a larger school building to really enhance the learning environment. ...

And from here on out they get weird however there was one from my blog:

Musings of Sherbet
I also need to start Lily's gift of a bathrobe and Anna's gift of a .... Sherry Brokaw, parent and spokesperson for the Sunburst Terrace community, - 80k - Cached - Similar pages

How cool and weird at the same time.....

Monday, March 2, 2009

So Much Happening......

So Much has happened since my last post. I am sure most of you thought I forgot about my blog, but I didn't. I just got caught up doing facebook, rearranging my house, doing daycare, etc., etc., etc!!!! Life fills up fast, but here in the next couple of days, I will post pics and some sort of explanation of what has been going on with us. Until then, hold on, it is coming...

Friday, December 19, 2008

This is my handsome baby brother. He is on his mission right now in California, enjoying warmer weather than we are here... but that is okay. I just wanted to say I am proud of him and that he is a pretty cool kid, who has a pretty cool gal waiting for him.

So I thought I better start with a picture, it is more fun that way. I am a little bummed today. I was going to get liscensed to do daycare in my home, but I can not. I live in a Mobile Home zoned area. I payed alot for our house, only to find out I live in a mobile home... I thought Modular homes were supposed to be better than manufactured. Hold their value, resell better, be better quality... but I might as well be living in a single wide for all the good it is doing me. I could have a residential home for disabled or elderly (like a rise home or a beehive house) but not an in home daycare. Like I am a daycare center! I just want to watch kids instead of working outside the home. And I could attempt to change the zoning, but apparently that won't help and I still wouldn't be able to do it. How dumb is that. Here is the other factor, the largest daycare center in Vernal has just closed it's doors. It was registered over 100 kids. Now tell me where they are all going to go for care? That is right! No where. I am just frustrated with the whole governmental system. I am sorry for people that are thinking more government is the answer.

So, now enough of my rant. I am sorry for neglecting my blog. I have been slightly crazy with the holidays coming and going and all that is involved with it. I have been making two quilts, and although they are not perfect, actually far from it, I am almost done. I just need to sew the binding on to the edges. Then I will be done and can wrap them. I am also making 3 baby quilts for my two girls and the girl I babysit. I also need to start Lily's gift of a bathrobe and Anna's gift of a robe/dress that she can wear when she goes swimming. It is all good, and yes I will finish in time.

I hope the holidays go well for all of you, and I will post pics of the stuff I have made when I finish them.


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's over... and at the same time it begins....

So today everyone with the political fire is back to normal. I felt compelled to stay up and see how it all shook out. It wasn't who I voted for, but as I watched everything unfold, I saw some interesting things.

First, anyone who can get voters to turn out in the masses they turned out in, and wait 3-4 hours in some cases just to vote, deserves a little respect. Second, I really believe that some of the people were not very informed in their decision (and that goes for both candidates). Third, John McCain showed a lot of class in his speech following the announcement that he had lost. Fourth, Barack Obama made a lot of good points in his speech (i.e. government can't fix everything, our nation needs to come together, the root ideals that the republican party is based on are ideals we should all have and strive to share, this election showed that people and their vote do count, etc.)

I lay awake most of the night thinking of what I would post here. There was alot that went through my head. I think Barack won't be so bad if he can lead this nation the way he led his campaign, and get the masses involved. I also think he has an uphill battle as he tries to help people understand things are not going to be great over night and that people still have to take responsibilities for their own problems and actions. I think this is a momentous occasion that we will look back on and say I was alive when we as a nation elected the first African American to the office of president.

Barack brought people out and united so many minority groups that if this continues, and our country unites, as it states in our name the United States of America, then our nation has a great and bright future in front of it.

Everyone has something to offer as far as ideas and different points of view go. I am grateful to have stayed up and had the opportunity to see many different peoples.

So let's see what the future holds, with an open mind, understanding, and no judgements or "I told you so"s.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pics from Halloween

Oh, the joy of Halloween. I am not gonna lie, I do love it. I love to dress up every year, and while I contemplated not dressing up this year, at the last minute I knew I had to, out of principle. I will not go out being a boring Mommy. I was a pirate, and my kids helped me scrounge my costume together last minute. Which was nice of them, cuz I was not a happy camper most of the day....
And no, there is not a picture of me in my costume, as I have to be the one taking the picture. Blaine was at work. But he did get home in the nick of time to go with us, and we did just hit the family's houses and then once around our neighborhood. We went with some friends up the street, the Crane's, and that made it more fun to take a long walk around the big block, in the dark, with kids already hyped up on sugar and racing one another to the next house.

All in all it was a good Halloween, and we still have candy, and the good kind too. Surprise surprise. Anywho, they had fun, I had fun, and on the sunday following, we had great milk shakes with lots of chocolate bar candy in them with our dinner. (I know really nutritious, but they did get their calcium and vitamin D from the milk and Ice cream, right? And it was with dinner...)
I did go and vote today, and feel better after finally deciding to go and getting it done. Just so you all know, I did vote McCain. I respect each person's opinion to vote as their conscience directs them, so if you disagree it is fine with me.
I need to add here that I am most bothered by people who are so closed minded and refuse to see something from another persons point of view. I try, and while I may not agree with them, I still respect that they can have convictions different than mine. I just don't think it is productive in any way, shape, or form to resort to degrading and biased name calling, or slurs, or even to condem someone who is differnt than yourself, just because they are not like you or they have a different view than you do. Tolerance for EVERYONE no matter our differences is something that I think we should all work on. I am not saying I am perfect, but diversity is what makes this world so great and we can appreciate each person the way they are.
Okay now that I have that off my chest, I feel better. And the person who sparked this rant will never read this blog, even though this person is a relative. (i.g. my family never reads my blog, any of them) so I feel better getting it out, although I wouldn't mind them seeing this, but I know it wouldn't change their opinion.
So enough of my soap box. The season for Thankfulness is upon us, and a time to count our blessings. Maybe take some time to be thankful for the country we live in, even though it has some flaws, and be grateful we can spout our opinions out.