Friday, June 5, 2009

For Adam's and Austin's 9th birthday this year we went for a picnic up near Red Fleet Resevior. We had lunch, hiked around a bit and then our friend Erica brought her guns up and let the boys shoot them. It was the best present they could have recieved. After we ate and shot guns, we then went down to Red Fleet and put our feet into the water. It was brisk and refreshing. All in all it was a great day.

Austin shooting a 22
Erica had a small 22 that was perfect size for kids and only holds one bullet at a time. But we thought we would also let them shoot the regular size one as well. It was a little big for them.

Austin shooting the kid size 22

Shaylee, Lily, Annamarie, Bobby, and Blaine watching the shooting and getting a course in gun safety from Erica.

Adam, Austin, their friend Jayden, Shaylee and Lily

Erica getting out the guns. She has quite an arsenal. It was fun.

Blaine and Anna hiking

Blaine and Anna hiking, but now you can see they were quite a ways a way.


Blaine and the kids on top of the rock
The Rock

Blaine and the kids hiked to the top of the rock

Blaine and the boys on top of the rock

Erica and Bobby

Our friend Erica




Erica's daughter Shaylee

Adam eating pudding

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